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Kayma is a Tel Aviv based musician whose music has gained worldwide recognition in the past two years. His two latest singles, "Learn to Say No" and "Bad Blood," have been featured on top playlists in several countries, including Germany, Israel, and Italy. "Learn to Say No" reached the top of the Spotify Italy's most viral charts, as well as the TOP 20 on the Italian radio charts, and received over 200,000 Shazams, earning him 1st place in the discovery of Shazam Italy. "Bad Blood" reached 1st place in Independent TV charts and 3rd place in the independent radio charts in Italy. Kayma has recently performed at several notable events, including the Battiti Live concert in Gallipoli, the summer festival in Padova, and at the Christmas concert for peace at Vatican City, where he was invited to meet with Pope Francis. Kayma's debut album is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023. 

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